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Dental Implants

The fear of losing our teeth is something many of us experience. Today however, tooth loss does not have to be a permanent problem. If you have lost one tooth or several teeth, we offer Dental Implants as one of the treatment options available at our practice to replace missing teeth.

St Catherines Dental Practice uses Straumann dental implants. Straumann is one of the leading brands in implant dentistry.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. To do this a titanium screw is placed in the jawbone and gives support to a replacement tooth, thus doing the job of the root of a natural tooth. Fixed bridges and dentures can also be supported by implants.

In most cases there are two stages to implant treatment. Firstly, the implant is placed in the jaw. Then, at later date, and after the implant has integrated and healed, the replacement teeth are attached to the implant. Sometimes it is also possible for temporary teeth to be attached to the implant.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • Restoring natural looking teeth – crowns and bridges are fitted to dental implants that will be made to match your own teeth in size and colour as closely as possible
  • Restoring natural functionality – dental implants allow you to eat, laugh and enjoy life with total confidence
  • Long lasting results - dental implants are planned to be a long term solution to tooth loss

What should I expect during the implant procedure?

Implant placement is a surgical procedure, carried out under local anaesthetic. The procedure will be discussed fully with the implant surgeon and support team and advice will be given on post operative pain relief to make sure patients are as comfortable as possible.

Do I need any pre-treatment before I have my dental implants placed?

Implants survive best in a healthy mouth and patient. Smoking can increase the risk of implant failure longterm as can some medical conditions. Each patient needs to be assessed on an individual basis to fully explain any risks. Any tooth decay or gum problems need to be sorted out before implants are placed to give them the best chance of success. Good oral hygiene is essential and use of floss and /or interdental brushes.

When teeth are lost, the bone gradually dissolves away. It is therefore necessary in some cases to carry out a bone grafting procedure.

Longterm care of implants:- once an implant has been placed, it is vitally important that it is monitored and maintained in the longterm. we advise regular dental examinations and professional cleaning as required. Dental implants can, if not maintained, develop "perimplantitis" which is similar to gum disease. This is much more common in smokers.

Would dental implants be right for me?

To help you decide whether dental implants are right for you, you can contact us to arrange a Free Consultation where we will be able to go over the different options available to you. We will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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